School FAQ

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What is the difference between a workshop and an activity tent?

Workshops are specialized, scheduled events where a small group of students (25-40) receives unique instruction and experiences that are not available to the rest of the festival. Workshops may be presented by one of our main stage performers or other professionals. In order for your class to participate in a workshop, there is a small additional registration fee and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Only classes who are scheduled in to a workshop time will be charged on their school invoice. Due to the limited nature of our workshop availability, classes may only participate in a single session. Students are encouraged to attend the festival on Saturday where many of our workshops will be available for families to enjoy.

Activity tents are available for all festival participants to enjoy. These tents will have a combination of “make and take” activities as well as a number of experiential activities for students to enjoy. Some of these tents may have a posted schedule of events throughout the day and some will be more come-and-go by nature. We are grateful to the many local community partners that join us to present these activities.

How long should we plan on being at Kidzfest?

On school days, the festival is open 9 am – 3 pm. We encourage teachers to look at their class and determine an appropriate length for your visit. Many classes will choose to spend the entire day with us. Younger classes may choose to attend for only a couple of hours, taking in a stage performance and a select few of the on site activities, rather than staying for an entire day. If you plan on less than a full day at Kidzfest, take time to look at the schedule and plan your visit around a main stage performance that your students would enjoy. There is no need to arrive at opening if you find your best scheduled events take place later in the day. If your students aren’t able to get to every activity that they would like, they are welcome to come back to the festival with their family on Saturday.

What should students bring to the festival?

As with most outdoor field trips, students are encouraged to bring a hat, sunscreen, food and water. On school days, each school will be designated a bag-drop area around the festival perimeter so students do not need to carry everything with them for the entire day. There is a water refill station on site for public use. There are limited opportunities for cash purchases on the festival site including food trucks and occassional artist merchandise.

I purchased tickets for my class, but now I have an extra student. Can I add extra tickets to my order?

With the online purchasing system that we have in place this year, you can order extra tickets at any time. Whether a new student moves into your class or you choose to add an extra chaperone or two, you can just purchase the extra tickets as needed. In order to make wristband distribution easy, please be sure to use the same email address for all orders for your class.

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